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Your Vison is Our Mission

Your Vision is Our Mission !

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Does your 501c need help? Your VISION is our MISSION

At Custom-Eyes, we believe in strong community involvement! After all we would NOT be around if it where not for the people in our community for which we serve. As we are a LOCALY owned business. We are proud to say that most of the proceeds we make, STAYES in Nevada. Further if your a local 501c organization with a positive moral foundation, please contact David or Christina to see If your organization qualifies for financial aid/assistance. At Custom Eyes, Your VISION is our MISSION!!

Welcome to summer!!

As the sun turns up the heat in vegas our sunglasses will make you very cool. Come try on the latest offerings of Oakley, Serengeti, Ray-Ban and Armani. My favorite this month is T-Charge. engineering and style,.. These offer 100% protection from Ultra Violet (up-to 400 nanometers). They all come Factory polarized to help eliminate road glare, as well as a gradient tint to help with light adjusting atmosphers.

***** for a limited time,... Take $40 off ANY regular priced frame. hurry in,  this offer is by by at summers end.

T-Charge,  show you right!!



T charge

This Unique blend of elements are not designed for the standard run of the mill couch potato. PLEASE NOTE, IF you are a couch potato, and you purchase these, Sunglasses, ... , YOU ARE FALSE ADVERTISING.

Light weight Titanium, and super Charged style. Standard Gradient Polarized lenses and premium rubberized temples make this a unique Art and Science marriage. Come in and try them on for yourself.      CustomEyes, "where fashion and science merge



2 pr $75!!

Hurry in,This Super  Value wont  last long. Awsome Selection!!



T-Charge. Light weight Titanium, and super Charged style. Standard Gradient Polarized lenses and premium rubberized temples make this a unique Art and Science marriage. Come in and try them on for yourself.  CustomEyes, "where fashion and science merge "


Our New Store!!

Please come and celebrate with us as we present our newly remodeled store. Now we have more space and designer eyewear to serve your eye care needs. Please come buy and mention this post and we will give you a free bottle of premium len


s cleaner.

Tent Event

Come Visit us durring our Bolle, tent event. Lots of goodies and give aways. Come see all the new Fashions from Bolle, Serengeti, and TEKA eye wear!!


We are Very excited to bring back our BOGO a GO GO!! This is when your second pr. is HALF OFF. However you should act quickly this off is only for a limited time.

 A super value!!

2 Pr. Starting at $ 79.

Come check out our Back to school Promo! 2 Pr Starting @ $79, COMPLETE! Plus "check yearly see clearyly"  with a comprehensive Eye Exam starting at $55. Mention key word "Blog Promo"


Got VSP?

Do you Have VSP Insurance? Give us a call!


Back to school 2012!!

This year we are offering kids, Double scratch resistant,  UV Blocking,   Impact resistant lenses for only $29. and Premium AR coating for just $20. WOW these savings wont last hurry in before September 30, 2012


Back to School Super Sale!!

This year we have marked down our kids Polycarbonate scratch resistant, UV blocking lenses to only $29. AND if you like ADD Premium AR coated lenses for just $20 extra!! Hurry in this offer will expire September 30.

Super HOT Sunglass offer!

With Overwhelming success of Bundleing,.. we now offer a new staple at CustomEyes!! Complete sunwear package for $179. This includes a Premium sunglass frame AND Expirio Poloarized single vision lenses. Protect your eyes with style, at CustomEyes!!


Yearly Contact Lens Exams?

Many people ask, How come I must have a yearly check up if I want to continue contact lens wear? "Especially when I already know what my prescription is? -Or-  you'll hear a commercial stating, "Its on the BOX!" Its almost as though,  the On-line retailer is suggesting that the consumer is dumb for getting a yearly eye exam! It even further suggests that the Cornea never changes and will always have the same shape and power. So,  to set the record straight and clear the air...The cornea (clear part of the eye where the contact lens sits) is made up of layers of cells that at center will measure on average of 0.5 mm thick.(slightly thinner than a credit card) these cells are made up of 5 primary layers. The top layer is commonly none as the Epithelial. This layer is highly regenerative. It is this layer that starts to rebuild itself  as fast,  and as best it can. Sometimes there may be irrepairable damage  caused by prolonged contacts lens wear or trauma to the eye or a whole laundry list of sorts. Ever wonder why it feels so good to give your eyes a rest from lens wear! It is the work of new cells being developed. Your Optometrist (Eye Doctor) has the responsibility to make sure your eye has regenerated enough cells, and or has shown good cellular integrity. This will inusre that another year of contact lens wear will be safe or safer than ignoring the matter. Yes the power of the lens may shift slighlty back and forth. (+-) 0.5 diopters. This  power shift may be normal for some and may not change at all for others. The "power" of the lens is of 20 to 40% percent concern, and the health of the eye is 60-80%. So in short, the main reason we have a yearly Check up is to insure our cornea/eye is healthy enough to hold a contact lens safely, for  another year.



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